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Vegeta is one of the major characters in the series. He is first seen as an Antagonist of the series plotting to destroy Earth and steal the Dragon Balls. He has an evil nature and is Goku's greatest rival. Vegeta is very close to Goku in power. He helped Gohan and Krillin on Namek to defeat the Ginyu Force. He once served Frieza, but grew relentless. Vegeta does whatever he can to get the Dragon Balls and gain immortality.The Prince of the Saiyan race. Is frequently irritated by Nappa's behavior. Voiced by lanipator.


Vegeta's power was 18,000 when he was first seen in the series. After he fought Goku it was 24,000 (A bit more than Dodoria's which is 22,000), because of his near death encounter. The same thing happened with Zarbon when his power grew to 30,000 and with Recoome as well. His power level is still currently growing.


Vegeta is very arrogant and stubborn. He is also known to be very ruthless and hotheaded. Throughout the story, Vegeta is often heard cursing due to his fate. Overall, Vegeta is a proud Saiyan Prince. But never declared himself as the king of all saiyans.


Season oneEdit

Vegetas first appearance over all was in season one. First when he went to earth to look for the dragon balls. His plan was to wish for immortality. His plan backfired when Goku came and fought.


  • As a child he enjoyed Dairy Queen.


"Later B*****s" -TFS Episode 17, 05:32

...I'M GONNA F***NG KILL YOU!"-tfs epissode 24 9:53

"First Immortality, Then the Bitches..."