Krillin get owned!

Raditz hitting Krillin

Raditz is Goku's brother that comes to Earth to convince Goku to join him. He is shown to have a stale sense of humour and is slightly stupid in the TFS Parody series. Raditz is constantly made fun of because of the fact that the average elite Saiyan power level is 4,000 while his is 1,200. He is usually called a "weakling" or "Saiyan scum" and he is just as strong as a Saibamen. Piccolo killed Raditz with his Special Beam Cannon blast.Yet another Saiyan who is Goku's biological brother and the first villain who appears in the series. After being crippled by Gohan, then killed by the combined efforts of Goku and Piccolo, Nappa and Vegeta often mock him for being weaker than them even after his death. Voiced originally by Lanipator, and later by vegeta3986.He's pretty much the weakest saiyan yet...


Raditz's power is 1,200, said by Vegeta.(He is killed by Piccolo's special beam cannon, Which power is 1,400).


  • He has become a meme to describe the weaklings of a group.
  • There is a Space Currency called Raditz, probably to make fun of the fact that he is weak.
  • He is originally voiced by Lanipator, but when a fight insues about the name of his signature attack, Vegeta3986 takes over the role.


"I hate all of you."

Raditz: "So nudity makes you stronger on this planet. (He puts down his pants)

Goku: No, Were wearing weighted clothing.

Raditz: Oh Of Course. Because that would be ridicilous ahahahah!

"Full Nelson, that wont work on me i'm Raditz"

"Thanks Sweet Mercifull God thats over"

"Hahahaaahah Excuse me have seen my arm, you can't miss it it's green"

"Damn you hindsight....bwee"

"He didn't keep his eye on the Birdie"