Gohan powering up.

Gohan is Goku's son and plays a great role in the series. Gohan being Goku's son, is strong for his age. He respects his mother but after healing from his fight with Vegeta, he told her he is going to Namek no matter what. On Namek he becomes much stronger and fights many people.Goku's son. He's not much different from the regular series, although he does use many big words. Naturally good natured, but he also gets very foul-mouthed when he is angry under stressful situations. He is also voiced by masakoX.


Gohan's power is unknown but in parts it is told. By training with Piccolo he became much stronger. By the time he got to Namek and Super Kami Guru (Lord Guru) unlocked his hidden power, he had a power level of 14,000. Gohan is growing stronger in every episode.


  • He Has Bipolar Disorder
  • He has self recognized issues with his father.


"Gohan smash effeminate Alien, Gohan Srongest There is"

" I,m going to eviscerate and use your gastrointestinal track as a condom while i fornicate with your skull(what?)

Im going to skull **** you"